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CnW’s knowledge comes from over 30 years of programming, of which over 20 years has been spent developing data conversion and recovery programs. Since 2004 it has been entirely on data recovery in the ever changing world of computing and mobile devices.

CnW Recovery is actively creating solutions to customer data recovery problems, involving CDs and DVDs, flash memory (as in digital cameras) Jaz and Zip drives, as well as hard drives and floppies that have been corrupted, but are still spinning. In house programming ensures that any type of problem can be overcome, and data can be manipulated into suitable formats for a complete restoration. We can therefore create solutions to otherwise unseen problems. Undelete, corruption, power cut damage, virus damage, over writing etc - all these can  be resolved.

CnW Recovery offers a service for data recovery which has a major advantage over ‘do it yourself’ programs in that no user skill is required. As recoveries are performed with in house tools, the unexpected failure mode can be solved in a way that standard programs can fail. However, our current plans do include developing our recovery product to be a low cost program to sell. For simple one off recoveries this may the most cost effective solution.

We’re new, we’re small, and customer satisfaction is top priority. We can also develop routines for very specific requirements. The development costs will be recovered over a period of time and not on a specific job. Hence our fees can remain very reasonable.

Some testimonials from satisfied customers.


programmersThe CnW team of programmers - shown here - are very hardworking, mainly at night when they are very good at finding, and destroying bugs.  Occasionally we have problems with mud on keyboards, and mice can take fright.  To keep costs down we do not actually pay them for several months of the year when they are doing intensive research projects - some people mistakenly call it hibernation. They program in C++



Member of  Federation of Small Businesses


CnW Recovery  Lewes  East Sussex UK

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