Erased CD-RW

CD-RW and DVD-RW Quick erase recovery

Rewritable CDs are now very low cost and can be used as an easy substitute for floppy disks, but with a capacity of over 500MB.  Like floppy disks it is possible to erase or format them.  There is normally an option for quick erase, or quick format and in these cases the headers on the disk are changed, but the data is not overwritten.

If a Quick Formatted disk is put in a CD ROM drive, it will look like a empty disk.  However, if a Quick Erased disk is inserted it will look just like a brand new, blank disk.  Most CD recovery programs will state it is a blank disk and not be able to see any old data.  CnW has recently developed a technique so that erased disks may now be recovered.  The same technique also works when a RW disk has been damaged or corrupted in such a way that it now appears blank

Quick Format disks are easier, because although the PC will not read the files, the CD reader will still access the disk and CnW can the recover the deleted files as long as they have been overwritten by newer files.

CnW Recovery has now also developed techniques to recover quick erased DVD-RW

Many experts say this is not possible.  One company in USA state they are the only people able to do it - for 30 CnW, or 40 for DVD will almost certainly prove them wrong. In the unlikely event that CnW cannot recover any data, there is no charge. Just send us the disk.


CnW Recovery  Lewes  East Sussex UK

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