Failed memory chips

Many devices now use ‘NAND’ memory chip for data storage. Examples are cameras with sD, CF, chips.  Memory sticks, and they are also now often embedded in a product in place of a physical hard drive.

These devices tend to be very robust, ie do not mind being dropped, but unfortunately, often the inter face chips  can fail.  This leaves the situation that memory is still valid but cannot be accessed.

The symptom is that the device is plugged into a reader and is not recognised.  (Those that request to be reformatted can be recovered by software alone).

CnW now have a solution to this type of problem.  We have equipment that removes the physical memory chip from the device and reads it directly.  This is via some equipment know and PC-3000 Flash.  The process is a bit brutal as it involves removing the memory chip, by melting the solder with a special hot air gun.  The chip is then placed in a special reader for data extraction.

It is very difficult to estimate the success rate as it can be almost impossible to determine why the device had stopped responding in the first place.

The typical CnW charge for this recovery is 20 more than the standard memory charge. (no fix, no fee)

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