FAQ Memory

FAQ for camera memory chips, memory sticks and other removable flash memory devices

Q Can you restore my corrupt memory card

    A Almost certainly yes, memory cards can be corrupted for many reasons, but as long as the data has not been overwritten, CnW Recovery can restore the files.

Q Why are the names of files sometimes lost in recovery

    A Often the reason that a memory card cannot be read is that the directory structure has been corrupted.  Files are recovered by reading the memory at a very low level.  For photos, the name is fortunately often not relevant

Q What type of memory can be restored

    A All types of removable memory can be recovered.  This includes

    • CompactFlash Type
    • CompactFlash Type II
    • CF Ultra II
    • CF Extreme III
    • Microdrive
    • SD
    • miniSD
    • MMC
    • MMC Plus(MMC4.0)
    • MMC mobile(RSMMC4.0)
    • RSMMC
    • MS
    • MS Duo
    • MS PRO Duo MagicGate
    • MS Select
    • MagicGate
    • SmartMedia
    • Memory Stick
    • Memory Stick Pro
    • Memory Stick Duo
    • Memory Stick Pro Duo
    • SD Memory Card
    • MultiMedia Card
    • TransFlash
    • xD


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