File selection

When performing data recovery, often only certain files are required, or it is not necessary to restore system files.

For a small memory device, such as a CD, or memory stick, a complete restoration is normally the sensible approach.  For a 100GB disk, where the transfer medium is to be DVDs, then it is often worth selecting on certain criteria.  CnW has a range of selection tools, listed below

  • Selection or skipping on directory path.  Very useful for ignoring temp internet files
  • Selection of skipping on image files. Typically used when just photos are required
  • Selection or skipping on dates.  Can be used to select certain dates, or a range of dates. Can also be used to ignore everything before a ceratin date, eg the last full backup.
  • Select or skip certain file types, eg just recover .DOC, .XLS files
  • Selection or skipping on file size. Can be used with selecting JPEG files to ignore small thumb nail files
  • Selection or skipping on MD5 value.  This is normally used with a table of standard files, and operating system files to prevent restoring any known program file that has not been changed since installation

If you have any particular requirements CnW will try and select the files you require

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