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Flash memory has become a very important part of many mobile computing systems. In particular cameras, MP3 players, thumb drives and computer memory sticks.

Flash memory comes in several different physical packages and has capacities typically from rather old 4MB up to a few GBs. They do retain the data without an external battery and with no moving parts, are extremely robust. As with most computer equipment though they can be corrupted, or data accidentally deleted. Flash data recovery is something that CnW Recovery can perform.

memoryFor memory sticks, they normally plug into a PCs USB port, or a special memory card reader. In this mode they are typically look like a normal removable drive, and so could be accessed, for example as an ‘F:’ drive in the same way as a floppy disk, but with much higher capacity and speed. For many laptop users, a USB memory stick is far easier to use than an optional floppy drive, and the bonus is that the memory stick is much smaller, and has a much higher data capacity. (Many current laptops do not actually a floppy drive these days).Due to the higher capacity it is often very important to recover files form a corrupt chip. Memory chips can become corrupted when removed from a PC without ejecting first - in theory on Windows XP this should not be necessary, but it is always advisable to eject before unplugging.

Flash memory recovery  seems to follow a few patterns.  There is the obvious cause when somebody deletes all the files, or does a quick erase of the chip. Other problems are probably due to camera having fairly simple software.  In these cases, the camera write a photo over the chip directory, rather than in the correct location. CnW has developed tools to allow photos and other files to be recovered,

CnW Recovery support and recover data from the following types of flash memory, often used in cameras, thumb drives, or laptop backup. CnW can restore all memory chips in FAT12, FAT16 or FAT32, as well as NTFS.  Unless the chip is actually physically, or electrically damaged, CnW has a very high recovery success rate.

  • CompactFlash Type
  • CompactFlash Type II
  • CF Ultra II
  • CF Extreme III
  • Microdrive
  • SD
  • miniSDflash_memory02
  • MMC
  • MMC Plus(MMC4.0)
  • MMC mobile(RSMMC4.0)
  • MS
  • MS Duo
  • MS PRO Duo MagicGate
  • MS Select
  • MagicGate
  • SmartMedia
  • Memory Stick
  • Memory Stick Pro
  • Memory Stick Duo
  • Memory Stick Pro Duo
  • SD Memory Card
  • MultiMedia Card
  • TransFlash
  • xD

Typical UK price is just 30 or memories up to 2GB, and 40 for larger memories.  Post us the memory and we will return it with the data on a CD or DVD.


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