GoPro Recovery

GoPro Video Camera Recovery that actually works - deleted files

The GoPro video camera is becoming very popular.  CnW is one of a very small number of companies who can actually recover these video files, and will play with both sound and vision. Unfortunately if the memory chip gets corrupted, or deleted it is not a simple process to recover the video.  There are many people who will try and fail, but CnW will succeed, at a price that no one ever complains about.  Lots of companies will state that the video has been corrupted - this is not true, it is just never recorded in sequence in the first place.

For those with a technical interest, the reason is as follows.  The logical file is in three section, a header, pointers and then video data.  When recording, the camera has no idea of the length, until the recording is complete.  Thus the length required for headers is not known.  The camera plays a ‘trick’ with the memory chip so that physically the data is stored as header, video data then pointers.  Thus a simple recovery will fail.

Stage two of the problem is that often a GoPro camera will store both high resolution and low resolution video at the same time.  This means that two data streams are interleaved.  When a memory chip is deleted, all of this interleave information is lost.

CnW Recovery have developed routines so that data can be recovered from the partial information.  Go video can be recovered from almost any corrupted disk - the only limitation is that nothing must be written the the chip.  Any writing to the chip after deletion can mean that some video may never be recovered, as it has been overwritten.  CnW will recover what still exists.

CnW supports all versions of GoPro such as HD Hero 2 , Hero 3 Black, 4 Silver.  If newer versions are released, CnW will make sure that recovery will always be possible.


Service or Software

    CnW can offer the recovery as a service (50 - 200), or you can download the software and process the data yourself from

    The download price starts at $19.99 including full support if required.

    CnW are also developing a specfic program for GoPro recovery - see for full details.

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