Lost photos

Recovery of digital photos

Occasionally, one loses a CD, DVD or hard drive that contains many hundreds, or maybe just just a few very important digital photos such as a wedding, big holiday, or family celebration. The same applies to camera flash memory cards that can be accidentally deleted or formatted before downloading to the computer or printer. Cameras can also malfunction, apparently deleting photos, or corrupting them in such a way that the Camera or PC can no long view them. Fortunately, all is not lost, and even better, there is a very high probability that CnW Recovery will be able to recover and restore your digital photos at a sensible price that makes the operation totally cost effective. We can also restore video disks with MPEG files, and AVI files.

There is a very high success rate in photograph recovery for the following reasons

  • Many photos are stored as JPEG files which all start with defined codes
  • TIFF files have a identifiable start of each file.
  • The name of a lost photo or image is often not very important as many are just named such as img1289.jpg.  Looking at the photo will describe it very easily
  • Photos are often relatively small  and so are less likely to be fragmented on the disc, and thus a 100% image recovery is much more likely to be possible.
  • If it is necessary to join fragments together, the results are self verifying, ie it will look correct - this level of recovery is very rare, but not included in the standard 30/40 fixed price.
  • It is often possible to restore the original date
  • We know what we are doing

Digital photos can be recovered from CDs, DVDs as well as hard drives and removable flash_memory03disks such as Jaz and Zip drives. All flash memory chips, camera memories etc can be processed. Flash memory can suffer from accidental overwriting, or sometimes the chips just gets corrupted. CnW can normally get a very high percentage of such photos back.

 CnW will always do a free evaluation and will not charge in the unlikely event that recovery is not possible.  Prices start at 30 for a CD or memory chip, with turn around within a few days.

We will restore the files typically onto a new CD, or DVD as required - so giving a permanent secure copy.

With some failures, it is only possible to extract the photos without original names, but not all is lost. Most cameras do store date information within jpeg files, and CnW Recovery will extract this information and add it to the self generated filename. Thus although the name ‘Peters_birthday” may be lost, the name will be recover340-2005-10-23.jpg  so 23 October will be part of the filename.

Many data recovery companies will only beable to recover photos that are stored sequentially, ie when the jpeg files are not fragmented. This is often 95% of all photos, and so is not a serious issue.  CnW Recovery have produced software that goes a few stages further, and can often process fragmented jpeg files, so a higher percentage of photos are successfully recovered.

Software solution

CnW has launched software to perform photo recovery with a low cost 30 day licence option. For memory chips in particular, it is a very simple process, so where ever you are in the world, photo recovery can be very quick. The demo download will let you view your photos before you need to pay and register for a full licence.


CnW Recovery   Lewes, East Sussex, UK

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