Data recovery can be a very satisfying service to be in. Customers approach you when desperate, but it is still very nice to get compliments back.  There are a few listed below.

  • From a customer who thought he may have lost 1600 pictures of his two year old daughter, when his hard disk crashed
    • Thanks for a quick successful service - one marriage saved!
  • After recovering an apparently blank CD-RW (I think he was pleased)
    • You are a miracle worker!  You are a god! You are a computer wizard! You are amazing! Thank you. Thank you!!!!!
  • After recovering a formatted hard disk
    • You are a star!!
  • After recovering two years course work from a physically damaged memory stick
    • You are a life saver
  • Recovered a corrupted CD
    • Thank goodness there are people like you who can undo the mistakes that people like me make!
  • Recovery from a DVD with first section missing
    • Thank you soooooo much I really needed that folder. I cant believe you actually recovered all the disc
  • Recovery from a failed Macintosh drive
    • Thanks to you I have everything back in place including - a special file - and even the music which was a surprise!
  • Recovery from a corrupted DVD containing many videos of favourite pet dogs
    • If I had a tail I would be wagging it profusely
  • Recovery from a partially failed hard drive
    • The biggest thrill, of course, was getting the pictures and the movies back, we thought they'd gone forever and they have such precious memories in them
  • Recovery from a quick erased mini-DVD
    • Mere thanks seem insufficient for what you have done to help us re-live some memorable holiday experiences.
  • Damaged DVD
    • My wife and I were so pleased and delighted that our holiday videos were able to be restored
  • Damaged DVD due to faulty camera
    • Thanks for all the good work I can now complete my cruise film
  • A damaged mini-DVD
    • Thank you so much for recovering the footage of my daughter's 5th birthday party. I thought I would never get to see it! Excellent, very reasonable service, with great communication. Highly recommend.
  • A corrupted memory chip
    • Possibly the best fifty pounds I have ever spent! Thanks a million... it all works and I am immensely grateful for you saving my skin!




CnW Recovery,  Lewes,  East Sussex  UK

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